Sandro (sandhawke) wrote,

Lucky / Unlucky

I had some trouble finding my cordless phone handset this morning. It took me four or five calls to it to locate it. It turned out to be deep inside the big garbage bag (of garbage collected from around the house), which I had left sitting in the dining room an hour before!

I *think* one of the kids left it sitting on a dinner plate and it absently got swept into the garbage, ... but I can't really tell. Crazy.

I can't figure out if I was very unlucky it ended up in the garbage, or very lucky that the garbage hadn't quite made it outside yet. It's a dichotomy that I'm often aware of, and am never sure what to make of. (Sort of the optimist/pessimist dichotomy.) I guess it's the budhhist thing again -- the joy or pain in life (the lucky or unlucky) is all about our perception and narrative, not about life itself.
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