Sandro (sandhawke) wrote,

No End In Sight, Charles Ferguson

I saw No End In Sight tonight. It wasn't the sort of movie I usually go to..... I try to pay attention to Iraq, but it's also quite wearying. Anyway, a fascinating movie.

What really got me to go, though, was that it was written, produced, and directed by Charles Ferguson. Some of you may remember me writing about my grandmother dying, about two years ago. She would have been bursting with pride over this movie, if she were alive to see it. Charles had been a student of hers (he wrote a nice comment on her memorial web page) and he was also the son of the woman who probably my grandmother's best friend. She was always holding him out to me, conversationally, as role model. She would never be so crass as to say I should be more like him (or that I was in any way inadequate), but the hint was there.

After years of doing cool technical and political things that didn't really make an impression on me, he did one thing that did: he founded a startup to make web-page editing software quite early, and sold it to Microsoft for a boatload of money. (They rebranded it "frontpage".)

On the personal front, I heard n-th hand a story that he and his mom were with my grandmother in the hospital, perhaps six years before she died, when a doctor told her something like "there's nothing more we can do for you." According to this story, Charles took the doctor into the hallway and proclaimed something about having more money than god, being a total son-of-a-bitch, and being willing to do whatever was necessary to keep this woman alive. According to the story, this somehow motivated the doctor to figuring something out and curing whatever the problem at the time was. Someday, I'd like to find out what truth might lie behind this story.

Anyway, I thought I should see his movie, and I'm glad I did.
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