Sandro (sandhawke) wrote,

journaling using livejournal?

I think I'm going to start keeping a journal, for the first time in many years. You know, a personal, private journal, so I can get some of my thoughts about the day, etc, out... without having to find someone to talk to first. (and harder -- without having to find someone appropriately trustworthy, and appropriately interested.)

I'll probably type it.

I might even use LJ, because, hey, it's there. Errrr, here. I used it for private entries for a while in 2005. But those were deep, introspective writings that were just too private to share (until they were subpoena'd but that's another story). Here I'm talking about piddling shit. It's stuff that's not necessarily private so much as stuff I wouldn't want to bother my friends with.

That's not quite right. It's stuff that I wouldn't want to share because I have a standard of quality for my various publication feeds, and it would significantly lower the quality, at least in terms of the wisdom-to-babble ratio.

For these purposes, I don't want to be trying to seem wise, or contributing great thoughts, or respecting my readers' time at all. This is for *me*, not for "my reader", or it doesn't serve the purpose.

How do other folks deal with this?
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