Sandro (sandhawke) wrote,

year in review

I've been missing old-style LJ, so here, from aroraborealis some questions and my answers:

What was your proudest achievement?

Either (1) submitting my first real grant application or (2) getting my son out of a living situation that was making him crazy. Both have since turned out to be filled with unintended consequences.

Your biggest change?

Having my son living with me full time, now.

Your happiest moment?

Roller skating at my 10yo's birthday party. (That's her with me in my LJ photo, about 8 years ago.)

Your saddest moment?

Discovering I'd damaged my knee while roller skating at that birthday party? Or maybe some of unintended consequences of the first items. It's complicated / not sure.

Your most exciting trip?

Not a lot of trips this year (see above). Business meeting in Lyon was pretty great, but that was mostly just because of the people/business, not the location.

Your favourite meal?

One night, Marc and I threw together a few quick dishes, which just somehow came out really well. The steamed beet greens were among the best things I've ever tasted.

The thing that made you laugh the hardest?

A joke hawkegirl made, when I asked if she happened to have a wetsuit I could borrow to fix something at the bottom of my pond. She said no, then mused about offering to do it for me (since she has her own wet suit, which would not fit me), then offered: "No, officer, I don't have any idea what my ex-wife's body is doing at the bottom of my pond."

What did you do that surprised you the most?

Spent the *first* weekend of the four weeks I had to write a grant application doing the bulk of the work, instead of the last.

What happened that you'd have never anticipated this time last year?

Going to a grant pitch meeting on crutches?

Who made you smile the most?

I first read this as "*What* made you smile the most?" and cynically but truthfully answered: Knowing that smiling makes me happier. As for who, I think that's got to be my youngest.
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