Sandro (sandhawke) wrote,

developers, please

Do I know anyone who develops social software?

Do I know anyone who would develop social software, if it were easier/different?

By social software I mean any software that is used by multiple people, with some interaction or information flow between them. Lots of software is like this, even if it's not called "social".

I'm specifically looking for someone who is a bit unhappy with the process or prospect of developing this stuff. It can be hard to get a critical mass of people using your software. It can be hard to maintain a fast and reliable back-end when all you like to think about is the front end. It might be frustrating that you have to rely on some social network provider. It might be awkward trying to get people to use your corporate app for when they use a different app for personal stuff. ... or? what other frustrations do you have?

If this isn't you, but it sounds like someone you know, please introduce us. (best option is probably email to

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