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(Please take the time to answer this. It's important to me.)

Imagine if all the websites you use and the apps on your phone stored the data they collect from you in a place where you could control it. In today's world, every time you buy something, every time you search for something, every move you make in a game, every comment you post, every "like" or "+1" button you press, every time you follow a link from one site to another, ... everything you do online today can be recorded and kept, somewhere beyond your reach. Imagine if, instead, it was stored by a service that you selected and which would do as you asked. If you wanted it deleted, or changed (but not to cheat someone), you could open the control panel and do it. If you wanted to download it, archive it, even upload it elsewhere, you could do that. And everything still worked fine.

You might worry this new service would now know too much. But it would be one of many, and you could move between them when you felt like it, and maintain multiple independent personna accounts. More importantly, because you would not be locked in, these providers would be competing to serve you better, with the best privacy policies and terms of service, at a price you like.

Please, for now, ignore the questions of how this might work, and how we'd get everyone to switch.

Poll #1830744 owning your data

If you could switch your apps today, so they would store your data like this, on a cloud server you control, would you do it?

I don't understand, sorry
No, I'm happy with things as they are
No, I don't really like this plan
Yes, I'd use it as long as it was free
Yes, and I'd pay $10 per year for this
Yes, I'd probably pay $5 per month this
It's so awesome, I'd even pay $15/mo for this
Other, please explain in comments

So, if you had $10K you needed to invest in a startup, would you invest in this?

I simply cannot imagine this situation
I can imagine it, but I still have no clue what I'd do
No, I'd rather invest in something that might rule some market
No, this is too ambitious; it wont work out, long term
Yes, even commodity business make money, if they are run well
Yes, this just sounds so awesome
Other, please explain in comments
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